Massachusetts Justice of the Peace Suzanne Garcia

Why a Justice of the Peace?

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Massachusetts Justice of the Peace

Best advise I know to share a Wedding is a day, a Marriage is a lifetime.

Anyone should have the right to love whoever they wish to and to have a marriage ceremony however and where ever they choose without judgement from others which sadly happens sometimes.  Millennials  not so much anymore thank goodness....
It is an honor and privilege to be granted the powers vested in me, as a Justice of the Peace for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I perform many different types of wedding ceremonies and will ensure that your day is as exactly as you would like it to be. There are many different rituals that you can incorporate into your dream wedding.

I  perform small ceremonies in my home in Framingham if that is an option you would like to consider. 

Massachusetts Wedding Sunset

Massachusetts Wedding Sunset

Suzanne M. Garcia Justice of the Peace